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First robotic car from Czech Republic

Research project by Artin and Technical University of Brno

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About project

Roboauto is a project from robotic driving enthusiasts. Our main sponsor is the company Artin, where most of the team members come from. Our target is to create a car fully equipped with sensors. We attempt to build a platform for testing new methods for scanning the surroundings and autonomous driving. In the first stage, our goal is to create a car equipped with sensors, which uses GPS to pass the prescribed route and avoid obstacles independently of a man.

How does Roboauto work?

You can see a lot of videos showing the functionality of Roboauto.
Check out how does the autonomous stearing work.

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People behind Roboauto

Roboauto team is made of IT experts and scientists.
Our team is growing and we will be glad if you join us.

Tomáš Ondráček

Project leading, control algorithms design

Pavel Černocký

Control algorithms, mapping of surroundings

Jakub Jůza

C++ developer, image processing

Tomáš Černík

C++ developer, neural networks

Jan Najvárek

PR, investor

Miroslav Krajíček

C++ developer, image processing

Matouš Kolařík

Java, C++ developer

Štěpán Karásek

Java, C++ developer, neural networks

Branislav Ševc

C++ developer

Jaroslav Müller

Java developer

Alena Valová


Adam Ligocki

C++ developer, image processing

Ronald Luc

C++ developer

Robo Tobi

Child on the roadway!


Currently open position

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We are looking for new talents who can contribute their expertise or work. Is it you? Contact us! The sooner the better.

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Artin, Mojmírovo nám. 11, Brno, 612 00

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